Keravisual has more than 20 years of experience in making films and video programmes: Holland promotional programmes for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the Netherlands Board of Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Dutch provinces. A recent example is our "Holland Promotion DVD Videoreel". Click on the "Holland Balloon" and you will see a short impression about tourists, cultural and historical Holland. You can order this DVD via info@keravisual.nl

Keravisual is at home almost all over the world. Its camera teams regularly film abroad and programmes are supplied in the client's choise of language. Those clients are found in the Netherlands but also abroad. Mosly on video, sometimes on film, but more and more new media (CD-Rom, CD-Video, DVD, integrated in Powerpoint and on Internet).

Keravisual also develops and produces social/community programmes, for and about handicapped persons, for example. Keravisual contributes to integration of this group by making television programmes about them.

Keravisual is, last but not least, active in documentary, culturalhistorical TV series, amoungst others for the Dutch Educational Broadcasting Corporation Teleac/NOT. Examples include a 12 part series on 'Funeral and (Dutch) Burial Grounds, Memorials to our Existence' an 8 part series on the VOC (Dutch East India Company) and a series of 4 episodes on the history of the 400 year relationship between the Netherlands and Japan.

Keravisual has a small home team, who jointly command all the basic disciplines within limited overhead costs. They are surrounded by an excellent network, and their co-operation with the very best freelancers ensures that they do not become stuck in predictable patterns. Specialists in many areas are available oncall for innovative ideas and technical knowhow, including the newest media.

Keravisual supplies creative and professional work, tailor made and within budgets. Its 'secret strength' lies in personal contact: the widely valued basis of a satisfying cooperation with all its clients for a long time.

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